Why Ireland?

Ireland stands out as a prime choice for filmmakers due to its remarkable combination of diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage. Filming in Ireland is further incentivized by its favorable corporate tax rates, generous grants and incentives, and its status as a film-friendly nation. Additionally, the thriving Irish film industry boasts a pool of talented directors, actors, and skilled crew members ready to bring any cinematic vision to life. 

Beyond its wealth of production crew talent and a robust technical infrastructure, which includes some of Europe’s largest film studio facilities, Ireland offers numerous compelling reasons to be the preferred destination for international film, television, or animation productions. 

Ireland’s competitive film tax incentive

Ireland offers a highly attractive 32% tax credit for film and television, supported by the government since 1994, making it a vital part of the global film production industry. This tax incentive allows for upfront financing of 90% upon production funding closure, covers expenses for international cast and crew, and includes goods and services as eligible expenses, with a substantial project cap of €125 million.

Studio facilities in Ireland 

Ireland boasts three sizable studios with plans for expansion, demonstrating its commitment to catering to top-tier feature filmmaking and television production. The country is also home to leading VFX and post-production studios and hosts a burgeoning animation industry, all equipped with state-of-the-art technology and techniques. 

Film crew in Ireland 

Over the past seven decades, Ireland has played host to some of the world’s most significant film and television productions, resulting in a robust pool of professionals who have chosen film production as a lifelong career. From classics like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Brooklyn, to modern epics like Game of Thrones and Vikings, this has provided countless individuals with extensive and diverse experience at the highest level. With dedicated film schools and national professional development programs, such as screen skills Ireland, the depth of Ireland’s production crew continues to grow. An added benefit is that Irish crews are all fluent in English. 

Film locations in Ireland 

Ireland’s vast and varied landscapes offer a wealth of potential film locations, from castles and cliffs to rivers and seas. As a self-contained island, Ireland’s architectural landscape spans rural and urban influences, seamlessly transitioning from cities to green fields, rugged terrain, and stunning buildings. The nation warmly welcomes visiting film crews, and its natural landscapes, renowned worldwide, reinforce its reputation as the “Emerald Isle”.