Brick Lane Entertainment’s production division produces and co-finances high-end content for the global market, nurturing extensive partnerships spanning from private equity, theatrical and video distributors, broadcasters, to streaming platforms.

Brick Lane Entertainment production services covers the full scope of the filmmaking process, including but not limited to the following:

Planning and budgeting

Our process begins with analyzing your project and script. This allows us to establish the requirements for your complete production. By doing so, we can identify the most efficient solutions for your budget. Through our commitment to clear communication, and financial transparency, you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

Crew members

Through our years of experience, we have accumulated a vast database of professional crew, located throughout Ireland and the united kingdom. As all of our crew members are fully vetted and fluent in english, clear communication is ensured at all times. Once we’ve assessed your project, we’ll identify the best crew members for the job, and schedule the required equipment from our network of reliable equipment-hire companies.

Transportation & accommodation

We identify, organize and coordinate transportation & comfortable accommodation for you and your team: from arranging flight tickets, local transportation and vehicle hire, to hotel bookings.

Location scouting

Our location specialists are at hand to offer location inspiration, from the familiar landmarks, to the most remote nooks of Ireland. If your project requires something special, our scouts will seek out the perfect location for your shoot.

Legislations, visas and permits

We will advise and handle any regional legal requirements for you, such as:

  • Arranging permits for film & photo shoots
  • Visas for your cast & crew
  • Miscellaneous regional legislations
  • Contracts and insurance
  • Clearing shipments or exports.